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How to Setup a Telegram Bot

Notes: Creating a bot is streamlined by Telegram’s Bot API, which gives the tools and framework required to integrate your code.
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How to Get the Bot's API Token?

Search "BotFather" at your Telegram, message @BotFather on Telegram to register a name for your bot and receive its API token.
Your bot token is its unique identifier – store it in a secure place, and only share it with people who need direct access to the bot. Everyone who has your token will have full control over your bot.

How to Get the Chat ID of the Telegram Group?

Option 1: Invite a bot named @getuseridbot into the Telegram Chat, and the Chat ID will be automatically returned by the bot (remember to remove the bot after obtaining the Chat ID).
Option 2: Use Telegram API to search for the Chat ID
  • Step 1: Invite the bot you created to a designated Telegram chat, and then send a message in that Telegram chat.
  • Step 2: Enter in your browser (replace the red text with the API token provided by @BotFather), and you will receive the following JSON
After sorting, the information is shown as follows:
"ok": true,
"result": [ {
"update_id": 586790674,
"channel_post": {
"message_id": 6,
"sender_chat": {
"id": -1001805125122,
"title": "blocktest",
"type": "channel"
"chat": {
"id": -1001805125122,
"title": "blocktest",
"type": "channel"
"date": 1695698471,
"text": "hihi"
Step 3: Find the Chat ID from "chat:" id":-1001805125122.