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Protection Protection to Block Attacks
Phalcon Block is designed to provide proactive protection for all crypto projects.
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It combines precise attack alerts and automated responses.

Precise and Instant Attack Alert

Our system monitors and identifies risky transactions, automatically pushing alerts to project teams. It also supports customizable alert rules, serving as a complementary strategy.
  • High Precision
    • Leveraging code semantics for analysis ensures minimal false positives and low false negatives.
  • Real-Time
    • Alerts are issued before malicious transactions are executed, giving project teams sufficient response time.

Automated Response

Our system automatically executes various blocking strategies based on different rules with project team authorization. For example:
  • Synthesize a front-running contract/transaction promptly
  • Initiating emergency responses such as pausing transaction

Successful Stories

Phalcon Block - The industry's first and only security platform that successfully prevented several attacks. It has blocked several ongoing attacks by moving faster than attackers and rescued over $14,000,000 assets.
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Rescued Assets
​Saddle Finance​

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With Phalcon Block, you can finally sleep well without worrying about attacks.
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