Phalcon Fork is designed for Web3 developers and security researchers for collaborative testing with private mainnet states.
Phalcon Fork is available at
  • It allows users to create private testing chains forked from arbitrary (transaction) positions, block numbers of the mainnet, and access it directly via RPC (called Fork RPC). Users can use Fork RPC to simulate transactions to launch testing, which will be executed on private chains.
  • It integrates with Phalcon Explorer to provide a convenient and intuitive way to analyze and debug testing transactions.
  • It has an internal transaction browser called Phalcon Scan for simulated transactions.


Compared with testing using testnets, e.g., Goerli and others, Phalcon Fork has the following advantages.
  • Retain states from the mainnet, facilitating rapid integration and debugging with other DeFi protocols.
  • Analyzing and debugging test transactions with Phalcon Explorer
  • Faucet provided, eliminating the need for developers to worry about testing native tokens.
  • Collaborative testing with the Fork RPC to simulate and debug transactions

Key Features

  • Flexible Fork management
    • Create a Fork from arbitrary blocks on the mainnet
    • Manage Forks using Fork API
  • Powerful Simulation using Fork RPC
    • Send (simulate) transactions to (inside) a Fork via Fork RPC
    • Provide advanced capabilities beyond the standard RPC, including simulating bundle transactions from any address (without the need to have the private key)
    • Analyze transactions on the forked chain with Phalcon Explorer efficiently
  • Seamless integration with mainstream development frameworks

    • Share Fork RPC with multiple users for continuous simulation and collaborative testing
    • Fork RPC can be used in Foundry, Hardhat, Brownie, Remix, MetaMask, and others
    • No need to search for archive nodes. Create your Fork from any height on the mainnet
  • Customizable Forked chains
    • Set Block Header parameters like BlockNumber, TimeStamp, BaseFee, MixDigest, etc
    • Provide independent faucets for claiming native tokens (e.g., Eth) for testing (Faucet)
    • Create Snapshots within the Fork anytime, and switch between multiple Snapshots with one click

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