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Development Framework Integration

Seamless Integration with Development Frameworks
Phalcon Fork can be integrated with popular development frameworks.

Get Necessary IDs

The first step is getting the API access key (FORK_API_ACCESSS_KEY), the Fork RPC ID (FORK_RPC_ID) and FORK_ID. The API access key is obtained in the Account Settings.
The FORK_RPC_ID and FORK_ID can be obtained inside a Fork (or retrieved from the response of REST APIs).


Add the Phalcon network to hardhat.config.js, by placing the fork's RPC in the URL.
/** @type import('hardhat/config').HardhatUserConfig */
module.exports = {
networks: {
hardhat: {
goerli: {
url: "${YOUR_KEY}",
accounts: ['${PRIVATE_KEY}']
phalcon: {
url: "",
accounts: ['${PRIVATE_KEY}']
solidity: "0.8.17",
When executing the deployment scripts, specify the network as phalcon, for example:
npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network phalcon


Phalcon Fork can be easily integrated into Foundry.
  • Using rpc-url parameter
forge create --rpc-url [FORK_RPC] --private-key %private-key% src/Contract.sol:TokenSwap
  • Add eth_rpc_url to the foundry.toml.
When executing without specifying an rpc-url, it will use Fork by default.
eth_rpc_url = [FORK_RPC]
  • Add Phalcon Fork to the rpc_endpoints section in foundry.toml
phalcon = [FORK_RPC]
When executing, use Fork by specifying the rpc-url.
forge create --rpc-url phalcon --private-key %private-key% src/Contract.sol:TokenSwap
If you encounter the "nonce too high" message, please add "--slow" option to the command line.
--slow:Makes sure a transaction is sent only after its previous one has been confirmed and succeeded.


  • Sign the transaction in MetaMask, and check the network to ensure it is being executed on the Fork
  • View the transaction in MetaMask and wait for the status change from Pending to Confirmed.
  • Check the transaction execution details in Phalcon Explorer.
Or use the transaction list in the Phalcon Panel to see the simulated transaction.


Add the Phalcon network to truffle-config.js, by placing the fork's RPC in the URL.
networks: {
phalcon: {
provider: () => new HDWalletProvider([privateKey], ''),
network_id: "*", // Match any network id
gas: 5500000, // Gas limit
confirmations: 0, //number of confirmations to wait between deployments
timeoutBlocks: 200,
skipDryRun: true
Please note that confirmations must be set to 0 when using Phalcon.
When executing the deployment scripts, specify the network as phalcon, for example:
truffle deploy --network phalcon


Please refer to this manual to see how to add a Fork into MetaMask.